RICE: The How and Why

Winter sports' seasons are well under way, and with them we physios start to see many more sprain and strain injuries. Despite acute injury management posters being up on the walls in many sporting clubs, and most people having heard that you "RICE" an injury, there are still plenty of people who don't seem to be a full bottle and how to acutely manage their sprain or strain. What is "acute injury management"? When you suffer an injury like a sprained ligament or a muscle strain your body begins a process to heal this injury straight away. The first part of the healing process is the acute phase, which generally lasts around 3-5 days. In the acute phase chemicals in the blood trigger an incr

Beyond Weight Loss: The Myriad Benefits of Exercise

For most people an exercise program is started at least partly with the hope of shedding some excess kilos or excess body fat. I'm sure a number of people can attest to the fact that this doesn't always eventuate to the extent we might envisage when the idea to exercise more pops into our head. This can deal a real blow to your motivation and the thought of giving up and returning to that comfortable spot on the couch becomes all too appealing. I'm sure we all know that the benefits of exercise do go beyond weight loss, but maybe you don't know just how many health benefits exercise has been shown to have. To a large extent exercise creates a virtuous cycle (the opposite of a vicious cycle)