How Does Stretching Work?

Everyone's done stretching before. But what exactly does stretching do and how does it do it? And how should you be stretching, when should you be stretching and should you be stretching? This post should clear up some of the confusion about what stretching does and how you should do it. Stretching has a few different effects, and depending on what effect/s you're going for the particular stretch, the time you how the stretch and how often you perform the stretch may vary. The effects of stretching are: Pain relief Increased blood flow Lengthening of the units that make up the muscle Reducing perceived muscle tightness Improving ROM and posture Reducing neural spasticity How does stretching

Is Pain All In Your Head?

"The pain must be in your head." Have you ever heard that? The implication, of course, is that you're somehow making up your pain. But can pain really be "all in your head"? The surprising answer is that all pain is in your head. Even when you get kicked in the shin, the pain exists only in your head, not in your shin How does that work? Well it turns out that pain is a brain output, rather than being something that the tissues input to the brain. Your brain takes in various inputs and it will feel pain if it interprets these inputs as representing tissues being damaged or being at risk of being damaged. So what does this mean for how we think about pain? It's easiest to think about pain in