When Back Pain is Postural

Poor posture often gets the blame for causing lower back pain. What Causes It? Poor posture can lead to back pain by placing too much load through certain structures in the back. When your back is in a neutral posture the load going through it is distributed evenly throughout each joint. When you're in an end-range posture that same load is only taken by a small portion of each joint. This can cause you to feel pain without necessarily damaging your back, similar to how bending your finger back and holding it there will cause pain in your finger which will settle once your return your finger to it's normal position. Obviously lots of other things can cause back pain, so what do you look for

How Do You Prevent Ankle Sprains?

Ankle sprains are the most common sporting injury. They are particularly common in sports involving rapid change of direction movements, such as basketball, netball and football. How Do They Happen? Ankle sprains occur when the ankle rolls inwards (occasionally outwards) to an extent that puts excessive load through and damages structures which resist this movement. This may occur with changing direction while running, landing awkwardly from jumping, stepping on another players foot or having your foot get caught in a tackle. How Bad Can They Be? There can be great variation in the severity of an ankle sprain injury. While we normally think of an ankle sprain being a ligament injury, other s